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Redlich's is a specialist boutique personal injury law firm in Victoria, with particular expertise in work injury, accidents on the road, public place slips and trips and claims of negligence.

When you call Redlich's Work Injury Lawyers, you won’t speak to a secretary or call centre.  You’ll speak directly to a member of our legal team who will provide immediate advice about your rights and entitlements.  

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Redlich's has been assisting injured Victorians for more than 50 years.

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Our unique and personal approach to accessing entitlements and lump sum compensation allows you to prioritise your wellbeing and what is important to you.

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No Win, No Fee

We offer a No Win, No Fee arrangement, meaning that if we proceed with a claim you will only have to pay legal costs if we are successful in getting you compensation.

Leading boutique personal injury law firm

At Redlich's, we transcend the conventional role of a law firm – we stand as dedicated advocates in your times of need. As a leading boutique personal injury law firm based in Victoria, we specialise in guiding clients through the intricate landscape of personal injury cases. Claiming compensation, especially in your personal injury compensation claim, is at the heart of our mission, and our unwavering commitment to the No Win, No Fee arrangement underscores our dedication to ensuring you receive the justice you deserve. We understand that navigating the complexities of personal injury cases can be challenging, and that's why our team is here to provide expert guidance and support. Whether you've experienced an injury at work, a motor vehicle accident, or in a public place, we are here to guide you through the process. Our unique approach prioritises your well-being and ensures that you are fully informed at every step. At Redlich's, we believe in transparent and accessible legal representation, and our commitment to a No Win, No Fee arrangement means that you can pursue your claim without financial concerns. Trust us to be your steadfast advocates, working tirelessly to claim compensation on your behalf and secure the justice you rightfully deserve. Your journey to justice begins with Redlich's Work Injury Lawyers.

We have a proven track record

At Redlich's, our legacy as a leading personal injury practice spans over 50 years. Our passion lies in helping clients access the compensation they need to reclaim their lives after an injury. We are a dedicated personal injury practice committed to providing exceptional, affordable, and accessible legal representation. Formerly known as Adviceline Injury Lawyers, Redlich's has returned to its roots, built on the foundation of aiding those in need. For over five decades, our team of personal injury lawyers has been assisting clients following injuries at work, in motor vehicle accidents, or public places. Our goal is to achieve optimal compensation outcomes, allowing our clients to comfortably reset their lives on a positive trajectory. Our commitment revolves around prioritising our clients' well-being and what matters most to them. With a unique and personal approach, we ensure exceptional, affordable, and accessible legal representation. Open communication with our team is maintained throughout the entire legal process. Trust Redlich's Work Injury Lawyers for our extensive experience, commitment to fair outcomes, compassionate approach, and collaborative legal assistance. Contact us today for a free consultation and discover how we can support you on your journey to reclaiming your life.

We can help you with a wide range of circumstances

Our expertise extends to a diverse range of personal injury circumstances. Whether you've experienced a work-related injury, a road accident or a slip or trip in a public place, Redlich's is here for you. Your well-being is our priority, and we are committed to securing the compensation you deserve.

The No Win, No Fee arrangement sets out our obligations

Our commitment to justice is reflected in our No Win, No Fee arrangement. This structure not only aligns our obligations with your success but also provides you with the assurance that we believe in your case. We're willing to invest our resources to prove it, minimising financial risk on your part. This arrangement allows you to pursue justice without upfront costs or worries about legal fees.

Check if you are eligible for a free initial appointment

Wondering where to start? Take advantage of our free initial appointment to assess the viability of your case. Our legal experts will evaluate your situation, providing insights into the potential success of your claim. This commitment to transparency is just one way we prioritise our clients' needs. Contact us today.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a personal injury claim?

A personal injury claim is the first step in a formal process to claim basic legal entitlements and/or make a legal case against someone, a company, or a third party to receive ‘damages’ (compensation) where you have been injured through negligence or fault.

A personal injury is considered to be a physical or mental/psychological injury to a person that occurred as a result of the negligent actions of another.

In Victoria, there are ‘no-fault’ statutory schemes to support people who have been injured at work or in a transport accident. To qualify for the general entitlements, there is no need to establish fault or negligence by an employer, another driver or another party. All you need to establish is that your injury or condition has occurred due to you work/work duties or as a result of a transport accident. If you claim is accepted the ‘no fault’ entitlements, you may be entitled to include the following:

A.    WorkCover or TAC payments is you have a total or partial incapacity for work;

B.    Reasonable medical and like services; and

C.   An impairment benefit if you have suffered a permanent injury which meets a minimum injury threshold requirement (%).

Furthermore, if you are injured at work, as a result of a transport accident or in a public place, due to the fault or negligence of another party, you may be eligible to pursue a common law damages claim to compensate you for your pain and suffering, loss or enjoyment of life and in some circumstances your past and future economic loss. 

Redlich’s Work Injury Lawyers specialise in three types of personal injury claims: an injury at work (WorkCover claims), an injury as a result of a public transport accident (TAC claims), and injury in a public place (public liability claims).

Can I make a personal injury claim after 3 years?

The time limit for personal injury claims depends on the type of personal injury claim you are pursuing.

The legislation for WorkCover claims states you need to make a personal injury claim as soon as practicable. This means you should start your WorkCover claim as soon as you are able to after suffering a workplace injury. In our view, the sooner the better.

The Transport Accident Commission (TAC) states you need to start your claim within 12 months of the date of the transport accident. However, the time limit can be extended up to three years in special circumstances.

Common law claims have a different time limit. A common law claim involves suing a negligent party for damages/compensation. This type of claim can fall under WorkCover, TAC and Public liability legislation.

For WorkCover (work injuries) and TAC (transport accident injuries), a common law claim must be pursued within six years of the date of the work injury or transport accident.

Extensions may apply for these types of claims, but only in very limited circumstances. We strongly encourage you to obtain legal advice as soon as possible, even if your WorkCover or transport accident claim falls outside the six-year time limit.

Public Liability claims must be lodged within three years from the date that you discover your injury arose through the fault of another. If you fail to lodge your claim with the court within this three-year time period, your claim will be barred.

Can you file a personal injury claim without a lawyer?

Yes, you can lodge a WorkCover or TAC claim without a lawyer though we recommend engaging a lawyer as soon as possible to assist you to lodge a claim, particularly a WorkCover claim which has developed over a period of time.

To pursue legal action for your personal injury, you will require a lawyer.

For WorkCover and TAC claims, you will need a lawyer to assist you to lodge a claim and guide you through the claims process. Having a lawyer can also make a significant difference to the outcome of your claim. This is especially important when you are dealing with adverse decisions made by the insurer responsible for managing your claim regarding your payments and/or medical treatment.

It is recommended to engage a personal injury lawyer from the start of your claim as your lawyer will act on your behalf to lodge a ‘serious injury’ application with WorkCover or TAC and move forward with you throughout the legal claims process.

For public liability claims, you will need a lawyer to guide you through the process of making your legal claim. A lawyer will provide you with advice on whether you are able to establish the necessary elements to a successful public liability claim as follows:

(a)   Whether your injury is a ‘significant’ injury’ as required by law; and

(b)   whether there is negligence or fault by another party.

A public liability lawyer will assist you to receive the maximum amount of compensation you deserve, rather than what the insurer will offer you in the first instance. You must ensure you obtain legal advice at all times before accepting an offer made by the insurer.

Can you change lawyers in a personal injury case?

Yes, you can change lawyers in a personal injury case.

The level of difficulty that comes with changing lawyers in a personal injury case will depend upon how progressed you are in your claim. It can be easier to change lawyers if your case has not progressed very far.

You will need to be mindful of your cost agreement with your current law firm. This will include information regarding the cost of transferring your case to a different lawyer. Even if you are responsible for paying legal costs, in some circumstances, it may be possible for an agreement to be made where these costs are not paid until your case has been finalised with your new lawyer, and you receive compensation.

Do you pay taxes on personal injury settlements?

Generally, you are not required to pay tax from lump sum compensation you receive from a personal injury claim.  However, some types of compensation payouts can still have important tax implications that you should be aware of. You must therefore always obtain advice from a qualified financial advisor or accountant regarding any tax implications that may flow from personal injury settlements.

Whether or not there are tax implications for your compensation depends on how the compensation is categorised.

There are some situations in which your compensation can be considered taxable. The first instance is when your compensation is paid to you as a weekly benefit. The second instance is when a withdrawal of lump sum benefits from a Superannuation fund can result in tax being withheld.

We strongly recommend you obtain advice from your accountant or financial advisor regarding tax implications that may be applicable to your compensation or settlement.

Do personal injury lawyers work on contingency?

No, personal injury lawyers do not work on contingency.

Contingency fees are calculated as a percentage of your recovery rather than your legal costs. Lawyers in Victoria are not allowed to charge contingency fees in personal injury matters.

At Redlich’s Work Injury Lawyers, we work on a No Win No Fee basis, meaning we will not charge you professional fees if your claim is unsuccessful. Additionally, we will not charge an uplift fee. An uplift fee is an additional fee No Win No Fee firms charge to recognise the risk that they will not be paid if the claim is unsuccessful. This can include an additional fee on top of your legal costs and could be an additional amount of up to 25% of your legal costs. At Redlich’s we do not charge an uplift fee. We aim to keep our costs low so you can receive the majority of your compensation.

No Win, No Fee. No Uplift Fee.

Our No Win, No Fee and No Uplift Fee arrangement means you will only pay legal fees if your claim is successful. *Conditions apply

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