Criticism of one-meter cyclist rule illogical

Criticism of one-meter cyclist rule illogical

ABC Online recently reported that Victoria Police and the Transport Accident Commission (TAC) have told a parliamentary inquiry that they do not support implementing laws that would see drivers maintain a one-metre distance when passing cyclists. Criticism of the proposed one-metre cyclist passing distance by Victoria Police and the TAC is illogical, according to Michael Lombard. Mr Lombard recently adjudicated a debate on the issue at Bicycle Network. The police criticism about the laws being too hard to enforce was illogical , he said, evaluating one-metre is far more precise than the vague 'a safe distance' as currently exists. Fifty police vehicles already have cameras to accurately detect offences and this will no doubt increase in the future, Michael Lombard said. The other police suggestion that drivers would cross on to the wrong side of the road causing head on collisions is ridiculous, and an insult to Victorian drivers , he said. The TAC submitted that they already encouraged drivers to pass cyclists one-metre wide but are against a law to that effect. This also doesn't make sense, Mr Lombard said, If it is correct, then it should be enforced. The TAC has not made any impact in this area to date so need it to be part of the traffic code . The TAC worry about tension between road users, but they should instead think about injuries and deaths which cyclists suffer from collisions with other vehicles. Mr Lombard said. Mistakes can be made by all road users, so having a required distance between them means the result of a mistake will not be tragic".

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