Maximising your entitlements: Filling out your WorkCover claim form

Maximising your entitlements: Filling out your WorkCover claim form

In Victoria, if you have been injured at work, you are entitled to receive reimbursement of your reasonable medical expenses and weekly payments through a system of compulsory state-based insurance called the WorkCover scheme.

Individuals covered by the scheme include anyone employed by a Victorian business employing more than one worker, and self-employed workers. However, properly filling out and submitting a claim form to access medical expenses and weekly payments is a lot like making an insurance claim for a car accident – you are only covered if you have insurance, and if you make a claim.

The key to making sure you get access to these benefits is to:

1. Make an incident report in the injury register at your workplace as soon as your injury occurs.

Every Victorian employer is required to have an injury register at their workplace. Employers are also required to display information for workers about how to make a WorkCover claim.

2. Fill out a Worker’s Injury Claim Form as soon as possible after you are injured at work.

A good relationship with your GP will make the process of filling out and submitting your claim simpler. A GP who you attend regularly, and who knows about your condition and its link to your employment, will be able provide certificates of capacity and write reports which support your claim for weekly payments. It will also make easier for your lawyers to obtain useful information about your injury to advise you about your entitlements and assist with any disputes if necessary.

When filling out your WorkCover claim form, it is important to:

    • provide as much detail in the form as you can about your injury and how and when it occurred
    • provide details of the treatment you have had and the doctors you have seen
    • make sure to give information about your pre-injury income as this is how your weekly payments rate will be calculated
    • remember to attach at least a medical certificate from your doctor or even a medical report or treatment notes from your doctor’s clinic to support your claim and the injury you have suffered.

3. Give or send your completed form to your employer as soon as possible after your injury.

Once you have submitted your WorkCover claim to your employer, they have 10 days to lodge it with WorkSafe on your behalf. There are penalties for employers who don’t do this.

The Worker’s Injury Claim Form is available for download from the Worksafe Victoria website

It is important that you make sure to get legal advice early. Redlich's Work Injury Lawyers are experts in navigating the WorkCover system. If you contact us as soon as your injury happens, we can help maximise your chances of your WorkCover claim being accepted. 

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