Settlements for public liability clients

Settlements for public liability clients

Redlich's Work Injury Lawyers recently settled two public liability claims. The first claim which was settled late last year involved an elderly woman who sat on a damaged chair in a bingo hall, which collapsed under her. She sustained spinal injuries as well as pain in her right leg.

A writ was issued against the proprietors of the bingo hall. We argued on behalf of our client that the bingo hall had failed to keep the premises in good and proper repair, including conducting regular safety to inspect for defects in their chairs.

A trial was set down in March 2013, with the Defendant denying liability for the injuries. A mediation was arranged in December last year in an attempt to reach an early resolution of the claim. Despite the client's pre-existing injuries and age, we were able to obtain a six figure settlement of our client's claim for pain and suffering damages.

In late January this year, Redlich's Work Injury Lawyers also assisted another client settle her claim for injuries sustained when she fell at a Caltex service station. She slipped and fell on a ledge outside the after hours service window late one night. Her wrist was fractured as well as suffering a tear to the muscle in her left knee.

We instituted proceedings in the County Court highlighting the Defendant's lack of care in preventing the slipping hazard in front of the after hours window and failing to warn the client about such hazards. We also argued that there was a lack of adequate lighting in the area at night. In preparation for trial in late March this year, we conducted a number of investigations. This included obtaining an expert engineer's report. The engineer analyzed the conditions outside the window to determine the slipperiness of the ledge in both dry and wet conditions, as well as assessing whether the area met the Australian Safety Standards. He found that the Defendant could have done more to prevent the client's fall, including installing non-slip mats and providing clear warnings to customers about the risk of slipperiness when wet.

At the mediation, the Defendant denied acting negligently. We were, nonetheless, able to successfully settle the claim for pain and suffering damages at a high five figure sum.

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