Stressful classrooms lead more teachers to give up their jobs

Stressful classrooms lead more teachers to give up their jobs

An increasing number of teachers are considering giving up their career in the early stages because of stressful working environments and the subsequent emotional toll.

Research indicates that as many as one in three Australian teachers will consider leaving the teaching profession in their first five years in the job because of the stress they face within their workplace.

Often, the role of a teacher is purely attributed to their interaction with students and the way they manage a classroom. What is commonly overlooked is the combined effect of a number of factors: not just issues within the classroom, but also unrealistic expectations from school administration to achieve high test results as well as engaging with difficult parents. The busy demands of a classroom mean that there is usually no opportunity to debrief about the events of the day.

It is important to remember that stressful working conditions within any profession can lead to significant health concerns, both emotionally and physically. Resources should be made available to staff to access in the event that work pressures become too much; these resources can include counselling, mentoring programs, or assistance from WorkCover if work stress leads to lost income and medical expenses.

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