Common causes of slips and trips

Common causes of slips and trips

People sustain injuries from slips and trips every day.

While slips and trips are often accidental and unavoidable, some are a result of unsafe conditions in a premises which should have been corrected.

Common causes of slips and trips include the following:

  • Slippery surfaces without anti-slip material;
  • Lack of wet weather provisions such as mats and warning signs;
  • Uneven or unstable surfaces;
  • Spills of liquid on floors that are not cleaned up promptly;
  • Dips or potholes that haven't been fixed;
  • Poor lighting;
  • Mopped floors without warning signs; and
  • Lack of railing along stairs, or railing that is faulty.

Of course, it is a person's responsibility to take reasonable care with respect to their own safety.

However, if an occupier of a premises (such as an owner or a tenant) hasn't taken reasonable precautions to fix safety problems and minimise risks in their premises, they may be liable to pay compensation if someone is injured because of their negligence.

Many factors may affect this liability. The occupier may argue that the hazard was obvious, and the injured person failed to protect themselves from the risk. For example, if a person encounters the same hazard regularly, was aware of it, but didn't take the steps a reasonable person would to avoid harm, they may have trouble bringing a claim.

Knowing when to seek compensation can be a difficult task and expert help is often required.

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