Why did you become a lawyer?

I did not grow up wanting to be a lawyer. I probably shouldn’t say that but it’s the truth. While I did have an interest in legal studies, I was unsure about the career path I wanted to take. In my early 20’s, I started working for a public sector organisation managing their WorkCover claims. I soon developed a passion for the work and assisting injured workers. I quickly realised that this was my destined career path and so my journey to becoming a personal injury lawyer began.

How long have you been with Adviceline?

Almost 4 years! I came across the role on LinkedIn, and applied as the role was based in Springvale, close to home in the South/East. I believe it is important for my clients to have legal representation from someone who both works and lives in the area. Also, as a working mum, being based close to home is important because it allows me to drop off my daughter at school.

What has been your most rewarding case?

There are so many…

  • I acted for a client who was suffering from a work injury and during her case experienced the tragic loss of her baby. During this time she was struggling emotionally and financially. I managed to negotiate a reasonable settlement for her which enabled her to pay for a tomb stone for her baby’s grave. I cannot tell you what this meant to her and to me. I will not forget her
  • I ran a court case in 2019 for a client who suffered a work related back injury the early 1990’s. Before coming to Adviceline Injury Lawyers our client was represented by another larger PI law firm. When she came to our Springvale office, we did not shy away from her case and worked tirelessly to win. In 2020, I settled our client’s claim, almost 30 years from her injury date, for a very reasonable 6 figure sum
  • in 2020 I ran a case remotely during COVID-19 lockdown with Counsel, Peter Hamilton. In this product liability case, my client severely lacerated his left index finger due to attempting to open and clean a glass water bottle which developed grime and mould in the rim. The judge ultimately determined that the glass bottle had a safety defect as it allowed a foreign substance to build up near the lip of the bottle with no means to remove or clean it. Our client succeeded after a 5 day hearing during lockdown. This was all happening with my 5 year old at home - during lockdown and home-schooling was going on. Glad that’s over.

What is your favourite memory about working with the ALIL team?

  • the firm genuinely supports working parents
  • the Christmas and EOFY parties – so much fun
  • working with an incredible team both the broader ALIL team and my team in Springvale who are incredible.

Who is your hero/role model?

I don’t actually have one particular hero or role model. In fact, there are so many individuals who inspire me every day.

I’ll start with my mum. My mum is my rock. She was raised in a village in Greece with a strict upbringing and arrived in Australia in her teens. She experienced hardship and poverty from a young age working hard to set up a life in Australia. She could not speak a word of English. She is resilient, calm, caring, giving and the kindest person I know, probably too kind at times.

Oprah. She is amazing – a true philanthropist. I’m really enjoying Oprah’s podcast – supersoul conversations. I enjoy listening to these in my spare time or when I go for a walk and find them nourishing for the soul.

Favourite sports team?

The honest truth is I have been corrupted by my husband and support the Richmond Football Club.

Do you have any pets?

Our Australian Bull Dog, George. He is 10-years-old and is absolutely adorable.

Last book read?

I am currently reading “Thrive” by Arianna Huffington. In this book, she talks about the four pillars of success beyond money and power: Well-being, wisdom, wonder and giving.

I recently read this quote in the book and found it quite beautiful:

“People look for retreats for themselves, in the country, by the coast or in the hills…There is nowhere that a person can find a more peaceful and trouble-free retreat than in his own mind…So constantly give yourself this retreat and renew yourself” – Marcus Aurelius

There is no better time like to present to keep this in mind!

Number one holiday destination?

The Maldives! So idyllic and tranquil. I always wanted to stay in one of those over the water bungalows and that we did.

Favourite cuisine?

I love to eat but hate to cook. My favourite cuisine is without a doubt Japanese. I love sushi and sashimi. Unfortunately I have yet to travel to Japan but will get there some day.

What motivates you to work hard?

During my younger years, I watched my parents and grandparents work extremely hard to build a life in Australia and create greater opportunities for my siblings and I. I watched them attentively and learned by example. Since then, I have never been afraid of hard work. I believe my work ethic is one of my strongest attributes.

I am motivated and driven by my client’s stories - each and every one of them. The personal and at times tragic circumstances faced by my clients is one of the greatest forces and motivations to working hard and striving for a fair and just result for them and their families.

What advice would you give to an aspiring lawyer?

  • be your authentic self and don’t be arrogant
  • find a good mentor to guide you through your legal career and to set a good example
  • ensure you allow time to reflect, reset and rest from the beginning of your studies/career
  • believe in yourself.

How can someone get in touch with you?

You can find my contact details here.

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